Empowered Parenting

Each parent-child relationship is completely unique and with so much wonderful (but often conflicting) advice, it can make parenting even more overwhelming - especially if you or your child is highly sensitive! Only you truly know what your child needs.

Empowered Parenting guides you to explore your vision as a parent and holistic tools to support you, so you can empower your child(ren) to thrive and experience greater peace on your parenting journey! We dive into the nervous system (Polyvagal + Craniosacral Theory), so you can appreciate why each of us behaves as we do and really understand tools to empower healthy behaviour. With this understanding, we can also appreciate our patterns as adults, release and re-wire. This is where you will likely want the 1:1 support that is included in the Empowered Parenting program. The physical, social and emotional tools we share for children are offered in age-appropriate segments from 0-12 years, drawn from gloWithin's trauma-sensitive Registered Children's Yoga Teacher Training. These tools also support children with diverse-abilities with Somatic tools. Explore at your own pace, with a 1:1 support session with Katie, Somatic Coach for Parents.

Tune into your intuitive wisdom, to empower yourself and your family to thrive!

In this course you will...

  • Learn how harness the power of co-regulation
  • Connect with your inner wisdom to erase self-doubt
  • Create a sustainable self-care practice for inner-peace
  • Receive 1:1 support to answer any questions, release patterns + create new healthy ones
  • Learn age-appropriate practices to empower your children (0-15y) to thrive... and get a list of resources!

Empower yourself and your children for only $397!

This purchase includes two 1:1 session with Katie for a savings of $50!

In this course you will...

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