Empowered Pregnancy + Beyond

Pregnancy is an incredible journey and time to go within to connect with ourselves and our child... or children if you are carrying more than one. Each parent-child relationship is completely unique and with so much wonderful (but often conflicting) advice, it can make parenting even more overwhelming - especially if you are highly sensitive. Many women experience anxiety for this reason, hormones, concern over taking mat leave, or other circumstances.

In this course we explore tools to help you connect with your unique values and vision for parenting, so you (and your partner) are on the same page for when your child(ren) arrive. We explore co-regulation and tools to help you nourish your nervous system. Through this course, space is created for you to nurture yourself and your little one(s), connect with your unique purpose, and release any patterns to empower you on this transformational your journey of Motherhood. Even if you already have children or have experienced great change in your life, each child transforms us in a new amazing way.

In this course you will...

  • Learn how harness the power of co-regulation to connect with your babe(s)
  • Explore somatic (body-emotion) tools to empower you now, during birth, and once your little one(s) arrive

  • Connect with your inner wisdom to guide you on this transformational journey beyond pregnancy

  • Create a meaningful, sustainable self-care practice for inner-peace now and into Motherhood
  • Have the option to receive 1:1 support to release patterns + create new healthy ones

Tap into your intuitive wisdom on this transformational journey!

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In this course you will...

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