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The gloWithin App is for...

  • Parents seeking tools for peaceful, thriving families!

  • Parents + Educators wishing to empower children holistically

  • Highly sensitive souls seeking tools to nourish their nervous system + honour their gifts

For Just $11 Enjoy Lifetime Access to:

  • Practices to help you feel more calm in just 2 minutes

  • Age-appropriate (fun) breathwork tools to support children

  • Bio lesson to understand the Craniosacral (Polyvagal) system & how these tools support you

  • Access to interviews to learn more

  • Join our supportive community!

You can also upgrade to receive all this... plus 33 Days of Self Care - for more nourishing ideas for you & your family, and Mom Meditations - for brief resets!

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Why was the gloWithin Parenting App created?

As a Highly Sensitive mom to two little angels, I get the balancing act and how essential it is to put our self-care first.

Enjoy bite-sized Somatic tools you can incorporate into your day,

to nourish your nervous-system and empower those you love!

Learn more about my background here, and why I'm so passionate about sharing these tools with families and educators.

Tools for Families + Classrooms

Each parent-child relationship is completely unique! With so much wonderful (and often conflicting) advice, it can make parenting even more overwhelming - especially if you or your child is highly sensitive! Explore age-appropriate tools to nurture your child.

Heart Centred Parenting

Do you want to raise empowered adults?

Learn age-appropriate Somatic practices for a peaceful, connected family and thriving children!

Children's Yoga Cards*

Winner of the Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold,

these cards help families and classrooms with tools to

co-regulate and empower children 3-9.

Beyond Birth

Did you know our babies begin co-regulating with us at 6 weeks? Nourish your whole being to support yourself through this transformation pregnancy, birth & beyond!

Empowered Educators

Do you want a peaceful classroom?

Nourish yourself and set the tone for a classroom ready to learn. Learn Somatic practices for 3-15 years and beyond!

Your course was absolutely invaluable and I would take it over and over! Having the daily anchoring was essential as I navigated a big transition… Thank you so much! Your leadership is truly inspiring.


Katie creates an atmosphere allowing for anything that comes up to be felt.


Katie, ensures everyone is welcome and is genuinely interested in helping you achieve your wellness goals. I’ve attended a few of Katie’s classes and always look forward to my next one.


Nourish Yourself

Nourish your body and soul... and learn some fascinating, simple ways to empower your holistic health! Optional 1:1 support is available for all courses. If you are a Yoga Teacher, go here to take these trainings towards Yoga Alliance Continuing Education (YACEP).

Fascia + Meridians

Did you know our bodies hold physical + emotional patterns? Learn simple tools to release and reset for peace within.

Restful Sleep

Did you know our circadian rhythm is governed by our pineal gland, the master of our hormones?

Learn simple tools to reset yours!

Reset Your Nervous System

Have experienced trauma or spend most of your time in a sympathetic (stress) state? Let's get you back into ease for your holistic well-being with SSP!

Highly Sensitive Soul

Do you get overwhelmed easily? Explore tools you can incorporate into your daily life for greater peace, and so you can align with your gifts!

Balance Your Chakras for Resilience

Do you feel secure in this world? Are you able to express yourself fully? Connect with your intuition? Learn practical holistic tools for more flow!

Crisis or Awakening?

If you've experienced an OBE or NDE, or another experience that has created a shift within you... this is the course for you, complete with a virtual 1:1 to support you.

FAQs for all App Courses

How are 1:1 sessions held?

Our sessions will be held securely via Zoom. You are welcome to reach out to if you have any questions or would like to book a 1:1 package.

How will I receive my purchase?

When you register you will receive immediate access via email to your course and the Intro Course on the gloWithin App, and related Communities on the App for further support. You can open this from your email on your phone (iphone or Android) where you will be invited to download the gloWithin App for free if you don't already have it, or you can access on a laptop via the Web App.

How long will I have my course for?

It's yours to keep along with any updates! If for some reason I change platforms, I will ensure you have full access to the materials in a format to refer back to.

What's your refund policy?

Once you have opened your course there are no refunds. If you have not yet opened your course and would like a refund, please email

202-106 West 1st Avenue, North Vancouver BC