mOm Retreat

Coming Fall 2022!

We are so excited to share this intimate, virtual, life-changing journey with you! Nourish your mind, body and soul, so you can be present to enjoy greater peace in Motherhood and empower your child(ren) to thrive!

Each child offers us the opportunity to surrender and come into greater alignment, for beautiful transformation within ourselves.

As mOms, we understand anxieties and depression can surface during pregnancy and the postpartum period (which extends beyond the 4th trimester) for many reasons, and how quickly you can suddenly feel alone, like a shell of yourself ...and how much you just want someone to take your hand and guide you through.

Putting ourselves first as a mOm is essential, to be present for ourselves, those we love, and lead by example. Our children begin co-regulating with us from 6 weeks in utero and as mOms, we play a vital role in influencing their nervous system, health, and how they perceive and interact with the world around them. If you’re here, chances are you also want your children to lead healthy, happy lives!

Join us for mind-body-soul healing support, with an amazing, deeply-caring team of practitioners. This journey is for mOms with children of any age and mOms-to-be.

mOm is pronounced m-Ohm (a little zen)!

The mOm Retreat is for you if...

  • You have felt overwhelmed with everything expected of you
  • You or your child(ren) experience anxiety or are highly sensitive
  • You find it challenging to get the time or support you need to fill your cup
  • You are ready to release patterns holding you back from your full potential
  • You want to learn simple tools for greater health, inner-peace, love, joy and help your children thrive!

Why are we hosting the mOm Retreat?

Most of us moms are also the ones managing the challenges and ongoing changes Covid has brought, to include staying home with little ones who have colds, struggling with anxiety, or maybe homeschooling. All of this adds to the already challenging balancing act of being a mom. If you or your child(ren) are highly sensitive, this can make it even more challenging. We get it, and we are here to support you in creating greater alignment, peace, love and joy in your life.

Since Covid, 41.5% of adults have been diagnosed with anxiety or depression (2021, CDC)

Prior to Covid, 1 in 11 youth were prescribed anxiety medication (2019, Mental Health Canada)

Up to 70% of moms have feelings associated with postpartum depression (2021,

How does the mOm Retreat work?

This is a virtual retreat designed to work around you, to support the physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of you. We offer you the support to get much needed sleep, the nutrition you need, nourish your nervous system, release patterns and limiting beliefs, to awaken your own healing and intuitive wisdom. You will also learn simple, powerful tools to empower your child(ren). With the support of a deeply-caring team of practitioners to empower you with tools to create greater health, alignment, peace, love and joy!

We offer 3 tiers you can choose from:


Ignite your gloWithin!

  • Weekly live sessions
  • gloWithin App Intro courses
  • 30m 1:1 session with Katie
  • Facebook group support


Nurture your gloWithin with this seasonal retreat and tools to empower your children.

  • Weekly live sessions
  • gloWithin App Intro courses
  • gloWithin Journey course (1:1 included)
  • 1h 1:1 session, part of gloWithin Journey
  • Facebook group support


Honour your gloWithin, with this annual retreat to fully support you on your journey and empower you and your child(ren).

  • Weekly live sessions (for life)
  • gloWithin App Intro courses (for life)
  • gloWithin Journey (drawn upon in 1:1)
  • Monthly 1:1 session with Katie
  • Monthly 1:1 with practitioner of your choice
  • Lifetime Facebook group support

*Lifetime is as long as the mOm Retreat exists... and we plan to host this for a long time!

Meet Our Team

Somatic Parenting Coach

(Yoga Instructor, Craniosacral

+ Somato-Emotional Release Healer)

Registered Clinical Counsellor

+ Empowered Sleep Coach

Registered Social Worker

+ Empowered Sleep Coach

Registered Holistic Nutritionist (Ayurvedic Background) + Yoga Instructor

Pre + Post-natal Breathwork Practitioner

+ Yoga Instructor

Registered Naturopathic Doctor

Want to Learn More?

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We are only accepting 20 mOms this Fall, on a first-come basis.

Sign up to get more details sent to you, and learn more in our free webinar as soon as we are ready! We have an amazing team of mOms and women ready to support you in your holistic well-being! As mOms ourselves, we know how essential and precious this time is.

202-106 West 1st Avenue, North Vancouver BC

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