mOm Retreat

Have you...

  • Felt overwhelmed with everything expected of you?

  • Felt 'stuck' or afraid to make changes and due to limiting beliefs + generational patterns?

  • Found it challenging to get the time or support you need to fill your cup (this includes sleep + nourishment)?

  • Wished to experience greater peace + joy on your Motherhood journey so you can help your family thrive?

Join us!

If you want to experience greater peace + joy this year...

What if you could...

  • Wake up feeling nourished + ready for each day!

  • Get all the support you needed to experience greater peace!

  • Be present to enjoy + cherish all the precious moments of Motherhood!

  • Explore tools to empower your children to thrive now and as healthy adults!

  • Heal generational patterns and limiting beliefs, so you could stand in your true power!

All without having to figure out where to start, take a million courses, and without having to invest tons of your time and money on various practitioners?

Join our village!

Since Covid, 41.5% of adults have been diagnosed with anxiety or depression (2021, CDC)

Prior to Covid, 1 in 11 youth were prescribed anxiety medication (2019, Mental Health Canada)

Up to 70% of moms have feelings associated with postpartum depression (2021,

Putting ourselves first is essential, to be present for ourselves, those we love, and lead our children by example.

How does the mOm Retreat work?

We are so excited to share this intimate, virtual, life-changing journey with you beginning December 2022!

With the birth of each child we encounter many changes to our personal, family, and may be even work life. We see these changes as an opportunity for transformation and to come into greater alignment with our Intuitive Wisdom... however; we are also fully aware of the challenges raising a family can present, particularly when we are not nourished, sleeping, or receiving the support we need. 

Join us to nourish your physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual self. With the support of a deeply caring team of practitioners, we offer you tools so you can enjoy restful sleep, the nutrition that's right for YOUR body, tools to nourish your nervous system, support to release patterns and limiting beliefs, and to awaken your own healing and intuitive wisdom. You will also learn simple, powerful tools to empower your family so you can help them thrive, including tools for Highly Sensitive Souls. 

Putting ourselves first as a mOm is essential, to be present for ourselves, those we love, and lead by example. Our children begin co-regulating with us from 6 weeks in utero and as mOms, we play a vital role in influencing their nervous system, health, and how they perceive and interact with the world around them. If you’re here, chances are you also want your children to lead healthy, happy lives!

Our purpose is to help you feel empowered on your Motherhood journey, so you can enjoy greater health, alignment, peace, love, and joy... whatever stage you are at. Pre-natal mOms are more than welcome - In fact, this is amazing if you are preparing yourself for this incredible transformation and to have the support on this journey!

Memberships available:


Ignite your gloWithin to nourish your soul + enjoy the support of the community!

  • Weekly live sessions

  • mOm Meditations on the App

  • 33 Days of Self Care on the App

  • 30m session with Katie every 3 months

  • Private Facebook group support

  • A SURPRISE bonus we just added!!!


Nurture your gloWithin to support you in creating alignment + peace on your journey.

  • Weekly live sessions

  • mOm Meditations on the gloWithin App

  • 33 Days of Self Care on the App

  • gloWithin Journey on the App

  • 1h session with Katie every 3 months

  • Private Facebook group support

  • A SURPRISE bonus we just added!!!


Honour your gloWithin on this custom 12 month Retreat, with full private support to empower you in creating sustainable inner-peace, joy + alignment with your unique vision and values. We empower you with many tools specific for your families needs.

  • Weekly live sessions (for life)
  • Lifetime access to the mOm Meditations on the gloWithin App

  • Lifetime access to the 33 Days of Self Care on the gloWithin App

  • Lifetime access to the gloWithin Journey on the App

  • Monthly 1:1 session with Katie
  • Monthly 1:1 with practitioner of your choice
  • Lifetime Private Facebook group support

  • A SURPRISE bonus we just added!!!

Gratitude from Clients

 “Katie’s calm nature really put me into a place of healing and relaxation... I truly feel that Katie helped put me on the path to healing and feeling more like myself. I highly recommend and value Katie’s practice.”

~ Alina

 "I felt so much energy moving & tingling in my body and Katie was bang on in finding areas where there were some major blocks. After the session I felt so much lighter. I’d definitely recommend seeing Katie!”

~ Suzanne

"Katie create a very sacred and healing environment, allowing for anything that comes up to be felt.”

~ Carolin

"Your course was absolutely invaluable to me and I would take it over and over! The daily anchoring was essential as I navigated a big transition… Thank you so much! ”

~ Alana

Meet Our Team

Somatic Parenting Coach

(Yoga Instructor, Craniosacral

+ Somato-Emotional Release Healer)

Registered Clinical Counsellor

+ Empowered Sleep Coach

Registered Social Worker

+ Empowered Sleep Coach

Registered Holistic Nutritionist (Ayurvedic Background) + Yoga Instructor

Pre + Post-natal Breathwork Practitioner

+ Yoga Instructor

Registered Naturopathic Doctor

Want to Learn Some Tools Now?

Do you know a mom who would like to join us, but is facing financial barriers?

Nominate a mOm here to join the Ignite Journey! We believe in lifting each other up, and so for every mOm who joins the Honour Journey we are offering 2 mOms who wouldn't otherwise be able to join, the opportunity to join Ignite!

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