Reset Your Nervous System

Our nervous system baseline is more or less established by the time we are 7 years old. This baseline determines how easy it is for us to alternate as appropriate for the situation between parasympathetic (rest) and sympathetic (activated) states. We do need both to be healthy individuals... the concern comes when our dominant state is the sympathetic, which can wreak havoc on our physical, emotional, mental bodies and our relationships. Chronic stress is very common, as a result of life experiences or traumas, toxins in our body, constantly being under stress, or even be inter-generational - meaning it is passed through generations. It's possible when you have lived this way for some time to lack confidence, feel disconnected or dissociated from life and your body, to feel anxious all the time, to struggle with sleep. All of these symptoms only further perpetuate the sympathetic state... but we can create change so we can feel at peace and at home in our bodies, to experience the joy and love of being.

In this course you will...

  • Learn simple, practical, trauma-sensitive tools to nourish your nervous system
  • Explore why + how your nervous system reacts and how you can consciously change it
  • Dive into Polyvagal + Craniosacral Theory and learn tools to create sustainable transformation
  • Release 'stuck' emotions + experiences in your body, so you can experience greater inner-peace, love + joy!
  • Get 1:1 support to release patterns + create healthy change for peace!

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This course will be released Fall 2022.

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