Highly Sensitive Soul

While being a Highly Sensitive Soul is a gift, it can also be overwhelming! We are often super sensitive to stimuli (not to mention overload) - lights, sounds, smells, sensations, screens, our environments, and the energy of others. Sometimes we get diagnosed with anxiety, depression, ADHD, ASD, ODD, OCD and while it may be beneficial to get the extra support... what really makes a difference is understanding how finely tuned our nervous systems are and how to work with them so we can feel at peace in our bodies and environments. We are empaths and feel it all! With tools that actually help us navigate this world on a heart and soul level, we can tap into our gifts to share with the world... that really needs them right now.

In this course you will...

  • Connect with your inner wisdom + gifts
  • Explore practical + inspiring tools to create inner-peace
  • Create a sustainable self-care practice to minimize overwhelm
  • Connect with your true power to share your unique gifts with the world!
  • Have the option to receive 1:1 support to release patterns + create healthy ones

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In this course you will...

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