Master the Art of Parenting

Your Sensitive Child

Online Summit

Oct 3-5, 2023

Do you have a highly sensitive or neurodiverse child?

  • Very creative + expressive

  • Feels it all + is highly intuitive

  • Appears to lack focus + is highly creative

  • Experiences intense emotions + struggles to process them

  • Diagnosed with anxiety, depression, ADHD, ASD, ODD, or experienced trauma

Join Our Expert + Intuitive Speakers!

Learn heart-centred, practical tools to empower your sensitive child and family!

Our Highly Sensitive Children have many gifts to share! Perhaps you have heard them referred to as Rainbow Children? They are pure light! As parents, we know it's not all rainbows and recognize the challenges in raising these children in a way that honours their gifts. We understand they feel it all, emotions can be intense, and that it can be challenging. We live in a disconnected world that is not really conducive to their ability to thrive. This means that as parents we need to get to the heart of the matter, redefine our routines, lifestyle, and find tools that truly empower our rainbows and our families. Often we see these children receiving a diagnosis, and while this can be supportive to gain further resources, the root is nourishing the nervous system. Not only is this important for them, but we also need these practices ourselves so we can be truly present, co-regulate, and offer them an environment to flourish.

If you are a Highly Sensitive parent, you are likely and Indigo Child. This may offer you insight, but can also make the parenting journey challenging in other ways. This Summit is about learning to connect with yourself and your child, to support them in their healthy development, while honouring their brilliant light. We look forward to exploring practical, holistic approaches you can incorporate into your life, for greater peace, love, connection, and joy!

Day 1: Creating Healthy Foundations

Katie Connolly, Host

Tuning In for Growth

Kristin, MEd + Parenting Coach

You Are the Foundation

Rocio, PhD Neuroscience

Power of the Parental Brain

Dr. Mauro, MD + PhD

The Breath of Life

Greer, PhD Neuroscience

Nurturing the Developing Brain

Jorina, Pediatric Neurologist

Empowering Resilient Children

Dawn, Parenting Consultant

Sweet Dreams Gentle Soul

Day 2: Understanding Sensitive Souls

Dr. Blied, PhD, MACL, BSP

Flourishing as a HSParent

Kelsey Brown, SLP

Nurturing Connection

Dr. Natalia, ND

Gut-Brain Connection

Jen, MEd, Indigenous Behaviour Consultant BCBA

Indigenous Wisdom

Kelsey, RCC

The Power of Anxiety

Sue, ADHD Parent Coach

ADHD: Parent-Child

Kerry, RCC

Respecting the Autistic Brain

Megan, PhD

Celebrating Unique Minds

Day 3: Empowering Your Family

Nina, PhD

Co-Regulating with Nature

Doireann, BCBA

Siblings + Neurodiversity

Kari, CST + Educator

Somatics for Sensitive Souls

Alejandra, MPsy, MA, MSc, RCC

Intergenerational Trauma

Dawn, RSW

Conflict to Empowerment

Ranbir, Life Strategies Coach

Generational Healing

Wanda, MA, RCSW, EdD

Empower Healthy Boundaries

Katie Connolly, Host

Honouring the Sensitive Soul

Your course was absolutely invaluable and I would take it over and over! Having the daily anchoring was essential as I navigated a big transition… Thank you so much! Your leadership is truly inspiring.


I am a highly sensitive person and have been using Katie's meditations. I have struggled in the past to find someone to help me with guided meditation and feel that Katie is genuinely heart centred in her work. She is really talented at helping you to reconnect with yourself. Thank you!


gloWithin offers a fabulous app for parents and educators! Katie is experienced, intuitive and open to a wide range of student & participant perspectives and needs. I highly recommend Katie's courses!


Thank you for an incredible 3 days!

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