Highly Sensitive Soul

What is a Highly Sensitive Person?

A Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) actually has a genetic advantage in society! We have 3 unique gene expressions and feels it all... which helps us to survive! However, when we don't have the tools it can be quite overwhelming at times. If you suspect you or your child are Highly Sensitive, you know what I mean. Scroll down to take the quiz!

Did you know about 20% of us are considered highly sensitive people?

Often highly sensitive people also get diagnosed with ADD, Anxiety/ Depression, ASD, ODD, OCD. Sometimes there is trauma stored in the body or has been passed down through generations. While a diagnosis may help you get some additional support, at the root of all of these is a tendency to have an over-active nervous system... and there are many natural tools to help nourish the nervous system. Even having an understanding of the biology can be empowering! While it can be challenging to be overwhelmed easily and feel it all... it is also a gift, once we have the tools. As Highly Sensitive Souls, we are highly creative and intuitive, and often visionaries or healers. The world in which we live can be especially hard for highly sensitive people with all the information coming at us and a norm of being 'on' 24/7 - this is why Highly Sensitive Souls tend to burnout at a higher rate. Being a Highly Sensitive parent really tests this!

My Story as a Highly Sensitive Person and Parent

As a highly sensitive person myself, with two highly sensitive children, I know it’s not always easy to parent these souls. It can feel overwhelming and energy gets mixed... but there are simple tools and tweaks we can make, so it is more peaceful for everyone. Balancing our energies, taking care of ourselves, and leading by example are key!

As a child, I was often described as 'too sensitive.' I was fortunate to have been taught breathwork and meditation by my mother, and to have found yoga at 7 years (in my Gran's 70's Yoga book!). I combined the two and realized that I could release emotions or sensations quite easily and quickly, to come back to a more 'balanced state.' Over the years I learned more about the nervous system and explored more tools rooted in science, and some more practical ones. One in particular is deciphering what energy was mine and what belonged to others... because we do absorb it all if we are not careful!

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