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Katie offers Craniosacral Therapy in North Vancouver - Lonsdale, Lynn Valley Massage, and can come to you! Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle healing technique for infants, children, and adults. This light touch healing addresses the body holistically – integrating the physical, emotional and energetic.

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

We have12 cranial nerves - 2 allowing for head movement so we can use our senses to their full capacity, 9 innervating our senses, with the 10th, our Vagus Nerve, linking our brain to our internal organs. We subconsciously scan the environment every 4-7 seconds to determine if we are safe or not. Very simply, this information travels to our brain where we determine based on previous experiences and conditioning if we should react in a sympathetic (activated state) or parasympathetic response (rest + socialize). A cascade of hormones are sent out in our blood and neurotransmitters via our Vagus Nerve to our organs to respond appropriately. Our organs also tell our brain how to react, sending information through the Vagus Nerve.

When we have limited capacity or experience something that is too much for us, this experience can become 'stuck' in our bodies - encoded in our brain and bodies. This is especially true for children or those who are not verbal. When we feel safe, we are then able to bring it to the surface to process and release. This is the basics of how subconscious patterning and trauma creates an impact on our physical, emotional and energetic bodies. Chronic stress, acute injury, and even birth experiences can also lead to 'stuck' experiences in our bodies and even changes to our physical being.

This is why I practice a combination of Craniosacral + Somato-Emotional Release (body-emotion), to offer you truly insightful and holistic healing.

What does a Craniosacral + Somato-Emotional Release Session look like?

During our sessions, I compliment with other modalities; including; breathwork (pranayama), meditative practices, sound healing, and essential oils if you wish. I focus on the Craniosacral therapy flow, fascial patterns, holdings, misalignments, the nervous system, the organs + meridians. We work together through this symbiotic practice, as I hold space for your body to release and re-align, with intuitive insights often surfacing.

Often we will go back to birth and early years experiences, as this is where our core beliefs and constructs of the world originate. Impingements in nerves and misalignments at birth are common, and can leave lasting impacts on our physical and then emotional bodies. Through this work we can release patterns that show up mentally, emotionally, and physically that may no longer be serving our potential. Supporting new (or new again) parents and young ones is so beneficial, as we set the stage for life to thrive!

After our session, we will have a brief discussion and I share the intuitive insights that came to the surface. Often these have to do with patterns in your life that have manifested in the body. I also provide you with yoga, breathwork, myo-fascial and other tools, so you can continue to support your daily well-being.

If this is for a child, I offer the child the option to watch me do a mini-session for their parent, as this can help them understand what to expect. I always make sure to let them know they can use their voice and let me know if anything doesn't feel right to them - same for adults. This has never come up as we work in-sync, but it's core to my work to ensure everyone feels safe and that they can speak up.

What can Craniosacral Therapy help with?

  • Prenatal anxiety and discomfort
  • Birth healing for infants and mothers, physically and emotionally
  • Infant sleep, latching, digestion, colic, torticollis, and ear infections
  • Childhood anxiety, sleep, ADHD, ASD, T21 (grinding, speech) + more
  • Acute concerns – whiplash, physical injury or trauma, range of motion etc
  • Somatoemotional release of patterns and limiting beliefs, to find greater self-love and acceptance
  • Chronic concerns - sleep, anxiety/depression, immune function, fatigue, digestion, TMJ, migraines, fertility, arthritis, brain fog

Client Reviews

“I felt so much energy moving & tingling in my body during the session and Katie was bang on in finding a few areas where I could feel there were some major blocks. After the session I felt so much lighter as she worked to release them. I’d definitely recommend seeing Katie!”

~ Suzanne, Foot Guru Reflexology

“I have had chronic headaches and migraines for years and after my first session with Katie and in the weeks after, I had fewer headaches and was able to sleep better than I had in a long time (no restless legs). Katie was also able to give me some suggestions to help me relax, which have been great. She is wonderful and understanding and I definitely recommend giving it a try!”

~ Cecilia

Craniosacral Offerings

Mama Love $295

This is an incredible opportunity for parents to release any core beliefs that are no longer serving, and find peace in the physical body before and after birth, in addition to grounding and welcoming a new little soul into the world! (valued over $360)


75m Prenatal Session

75m Postnatal Session

45m Infant Session

Additional Offers

Infant Sess 30m $45

Dad Sess 75m $125

Child Sess 45m $65

Mom + Child $185

An opportunity for mom + babe (or a child) to release underlying emotions and any core beliefs no longer serving, in addition to birth trauma and finding ease in the physical + subtle body (valued over $215)


75m Mom Session

45m Baby/Child Session

Additional Offers

Infant Sess 30m $45

Child Sess 45m $65

Self Love $225

Gift yourself an indulgent, lasting self-care session to balance your physical, emotional + subtle bodies. The yoga session is custom to your needs and designed to provide you with tools to support you beyond (valued over $250)


75m Cranio

75m Private Yoga

Additional Offers

Cranio Sess 60m $115

Yoga Sess 60m $95

Single Sessions

Baby (0-3y): 45m session $75*

Child (4-10y): 45m session* $75*

Adult (10y+): 60m session $115

*$55 for subsequent sessions

Abhyanga Add-On

See below to learn more. Only available for my female-adult clients. Only pure, small-batch oils are used in a coconut oil carrier. More details below.

$30 additional for 75m session.

Abhyanga Add-On

Enjoy the luxury of Abhyanga - an Ayurvedic Massage Technique to support the Lymphatic System, using oils that also support your Dosha. We begin by warming the body with a warm cloth, then massaging in the essential oils best suited for your Dosha (carrier oil is Coconut) limb by limb, the face if you wish, neck to torso and on the stomach following the digestive tract. While the oil has the opportunity to soak in and nourish your skin (your largest organ), you have the opportunity to relax and reset with a Craniosacral session. We end the session by taking a warm cloth again and removing any excess oil, and my traditional ending for Craniosacral sessions.

Here are just some of the benefits of Abhyanga... aside from it feeling amazing!:

  • Soothes the skin

  • Lubricates joints

  • Improves circulation

  • Aids in detoxification and lymphatic flow

  • Calms Vata + Pitta doshas, while stimulating Kapha

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Depending on your concern, 5 sessions may be helpful over a few months. GST not included in pricing. Sessions may be covered by extended medical or ICBC. If you have any other questions please email me!

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