8 Limbs of Yoga

Go within to find your bliss.

What are the 8 Limbs of Yoga?

The 8 Limbs of Yoga (found in Patanjali’s Sutras) are a path for intentional living for all for greater inner peace, love, and joy. These simple and beautiful yoga principles offer us a way to true bliss and living intentionally. I don’t believe there’s a one solution to fit all – this journey is very personal, and it’s important to find the path that brings you joy. It’s a journey, not a destination to connect to and nurture our Inner Child, our gloWithin.


The Yamas are a system of social values that are common in all cultures and in creating healthy, thriving relationships. Think about how you practice each one in relationship with yourself and others in your life.

Ahimsa (kindness): how do you extend this to yourself and others?

Satya (truthfulness): are you living your truth?

Asteya (courtesy): are you realistic with yourself and others?

Brahmacharya (healthy use of energy): are you using your energy wisely?

Aparigrapha (generosity): how can you create more love in your life?


Niyamas are self-observations, to empower our own inner growth. How do you foster these elements in your life?

Saucha (purity): a clean mind + environment are reflections of each other

Santosha (contentment): can you practice being okay with where you are?

Tapas (self-care): how can you nourish yourself?

Svadyaya (self-awareness): do you notice your internal sensations?

Isvara Pranidhana (self-surrender): what can you let go of to create more space for peace, love, and joy in your life?


The physical practice of yoga or movement helps nourish our physical bodies, and in turn our subtle body – we are a connected system. When we look after ourselves, we can then be there for and present with others. If yoga is not your thing, perhaps dance, a swim, or a long walk in nature is!


Pranayama also refers to our energetic body, but in this sense it refers to breathwork, which nourishes our energetic and physical bodies. When we notice and connect to our breath, we are free from our mind. In this way, we can connect to our true self, our Inner Child and gloWithin.


Pratyahara is about sense withdrawal – totally going within to notice what our body is saying. Take a moment to close your eyes. Notice the sensations. Notice your emotions. Breathe. What is your Inner Child saying to you?


Dharana refers to focused meditation – a thought, a mantra, affirmation, sensation, prayer… we all practice in different ways. I recommend practicing this in the morning along with Pranayama + Pratyahara to set you up for the day. And yes! You can share this with your children. Once we come into this flow, we find ourselves in…


The space where our intuition flows. We are totally aligned and can feel it in our bodies and hearts. We are connected to our Inner Child.


This Bliss state we find when we are totally connected within and around us, is what we desire to maintain. We are fully present and experiencing life at its fullest.

Love Your Journey

These 8 Limbs of Yoga, are a guide for our personal journey to living with intention and maintaining a Bliss-state. Make it your own and please empower other’s to also make it their own. One size doesn’t fit all.

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  • gloWithin app – explore various courses to support you and empower children
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