Children's Yoga Cards

Empower Children with our Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Kids Yoga Cards!

Empower children aged 2 to 9 with age-appropriate practices to nourish their nervous system and explore social-emotional learning. Practices are drawn from gloWithin's Registered Children's Yoga Training, offering children the opportunity to build confidence through learning to process their emotions in a healthy way.

5 Ways to for Fun, Easy Play!

  • Breathe like the animal to co-regulate & calm

  • Move like an animal to release energy & build strength

  • Pick a card for an uplifting affirmation to start the day!

  • Explore emotions through the journaling prompts

  • More games & activities on the complimentary App!

Empower Your Children to Thrive through Kids Yoga!

We are seeing more and more children struggling with anxiety, depression and other concerns. Over the last few years, we have all been through a lot, and our children are feeling it. Helping children learn to understand and process their emotions, so they don't become stuck in their bodies is an essential life-skill! This is actually considered the pinnacle of emotional intelligence.

Have you tried family yoga? Did you know play and laughter nourishes our nervous system?!

Each card offers an affirmation and a way to express this emotion in our body. When you purchase your deck, you will find more practices on the gloWithin App, for various age groups and classrooms. Parents and educators will also be able to learn more tools to empower children's social-emotional well-being! Our trauma-sensitive children's yoga cards are perfect for families and classrooms. Use our kids yoga cards to start the day off on the right note, and for challenging moments.

Why our children's yoga cards are unique:

  • Empower children with Somatic tools to express emotions in a healthy way

  • Learn breathwork, yoga & more practices to nourish the nervous system

  • App course included for more age-appropriate activities

  • Learn about threatened species & ways to preserve

  • Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient !!

moms choice award - kids yoga

An example of what you'll find on the App:

kids yoga cards
kids yoga app

I am the mother to three highly sensitive kiddos and these cards are great for bringing a bit of mindfulness to our day. The colors, prompts and different actions you can take all lead to a more peaceful moment. Highly recommend!!


These cards are a great way to engage children in learning about and expressing their emotions. Each card has a fun pose and simple meditation guide. They're fun, colourful and easy to use.


This deck is absolutely wonderful! I am a children's yoga teacher and it has become one of my favorite additions to my classes. The illustrations are beautiful and creative. The children love it. The suggested activities are helpful to add creativity and fun to the classes.


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