Parenting Support

For Parents of Highly Sensitive & Neurodiverse Families

  • Does a lack of support leave you feeling drained and exhausted?

  • Do you feel helpless not knowing how to support your child’s big emotions?

  • Do you feel that guilt when you are triggered by your child, and want to heal your patterns?

What if you could...

  • Let go of the guilt and overwhelm?

  • Wake up feeling nourished and ready for each day!

  • Heal generational patterns to reclaim the calm, confident version of you!

  • Learn to trust your inner wisdom to empower your children during challenges

  • Experience inner peace to cherish the all precious, fleeting moments?

"Your course was absolutely invaluable to me and I would take it over and over! The daily anchoring was essential as I navigated a big transition…

Thank you so much!"


"I had a 1:1 with Katie and she was very helpful even just in a short amount of time. gloWithin is a great resource for mothers everywhere looking to be the best they can be!"


"Very sacred and healing environment. Katie creates an atmosphere allowing for anything that comes up to be felt. You will come out feeling appreciative towards your experience!"


Do you want to raise thriving children?

And enjoy your parenting journey?

We hold an incredible opportunity to create change for ourselves, our families, and future generations.

Our children begin co-regulating with us in utero and as Moms, we play a vital role in influencing their nervous system

and subconscious patterning. Our little teachers offer us the opportunity to grow and find greater alignment...

but first, we need to nourish ourselves to tap into our inner wisdom and lead by example.

I understand the challenges of...

  • Being pulled in a million directions with little support & time to nourish yourself

  • Feeling isolated or guilty asking for help in parenting highly sensitive or neurodiverse children

  • Wanting to parent in a way that is supportive, but feeling overwhelmed by the often conflicting information

  • Feeling overwhelmed by our children's big feelings & struggling to help them

  • Generational patterns surfacing & not knowing how to release them so we don't pass them along

Are you over parenting tactics that work for the short-term, leaving you second guessing yourself and back to the drawing board when they stop working?

We live in a society that doesn't encourage us to listen to our intuition, and yet our intuition is what allows us to support our children in a heart-centred way. We've been taught to look outside of ourselves for solutions, that were never good enough.

I am here to help you reconnect with your intuition, to learn holistic and science-based tools, so you can enjoy greater peace and joy on your parenting journey!

Who Do I Support?

Many of my clients experienced challenging births or postpartum phases with a lack of meaningful support.

Moms, Dads, and children often have unresolved trauma trapped in their nervous system from this experience.

This is often amplified with the challenges of raising a highly sensitive or neurodiverse child.

Most of my clients are Moms who come to me after tirelessly trying other tactics that don't work for their child.

They are tired and understand the need for a more holistic approach that will address underlying patterns and concerns.

All of my clients are incredible parents who wish to do their best for their children, but most feel lost, helpless, or overwhelmed.

They wonder why it's not working for them. What's wrong with them or their child. They feel the parenting guilt.

Many feel stuck in old patterns, but when they are tired and triggered, they come up... feeding into further negative feelings.

They know they want change, but aren't sure what this looks like or how to get there.

It's hard to be our own surgeon.

I get it, and I know it takes a holistic approach and the support of others to create the change we desire.

We are not meant to walk this journey alone, and healing is not linear.

Say goodbye to overwhelm and guilt

to become the calm, confident version of yourself and empower your family to thrive!


  • Having the tools to nourish your nervous system to & calmly support your family during challenges

  • Being able to hear the root of your child's concern & trusting you have the wisdom to empower them

  • Feeling nourished and present to enjoy all the precious moments of Motherhood

  • Receiving unlimited support from holistic professionals who work with highly sensitive & neurodiverse families

  • Being able to release generational and systemic patterns to hear your intuition over the fear and doubt

  • Having a supportive community who understands your experiences and is there to cheer you on!

  • Feeling inner-peace, valuing yourself and the change you are creating for your family & future generations!

Join Our Supportive Community!

We are at a pivotal moment, where many are going through dramatic changes as they see old patterning is no longer serving. I understand how tumultuous this can be, having begun peeling off generational layers 20 years ago. What I learned is that holistic, supportive community is everything!

This is why I chose to walk the healing path I have. And I know the beautiful lights in our life (our children) are here to awaken us in creating even greater alignment and joy on our journeys. But first, we need to nourish ourselves.

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How did you hear about us?

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Why I'm committed to supporting you:

I'm a mom to two highly sensitive little girls, with family members who have been ADHD diagnosed and some who have not been formally diagnosed. I understand the challenges that come with being a highly sensitive mom who has many ADHD tendencies, and having nearly a lifetime of practicing meditation, breathwork & Somatic tools... I also know how powerful this can be in mitigating the overwhelm, and furthermore, setting ourselves and families up for success!

We are fortunate to live in beautiful North Vancouver, by the ocean, forest, and mountains, and I 100% believe in the healing power of being in and connected to nature.

Since I was a child I was told I had healing hands and should be a teacher, yet I pursued my Business degree from UBC. Shortly after graduating I began healing my personal & intergenerational patterns, and understood I needed to follow my calling.

Over the last 12 years, I have been honoured to receive awards for my contributions to supporting families. I am fortunate to work with many incredible community members and organizations, who understand the importance of a holistic approach to offering families the resources to thrive!

I'm an Expert Registered Yoga, Craniosacral Practitioner, founder of a Registered Children's Yoga School, and Masters of Counselling Candidate. I can't wait to show you how some little tweaks can lead to sustainable inner-peace and joy for you and your family!

"Katie is so compassionate and knowledgeable in her craft. I always feel safe in her care and trust her in her work. Katie is truly so gifted and she has helped me tremendously on my healing journey, as I always feel so much release post treatment; calm, secure and grounded. I am so appreciative of her and her work."


"Katie is incredible to work with.

She helped with my own neck pain and also worked wonders on my daughter's nervous system."


"I had the pleasure of receiving a Craniosacral treatment from Katie. When she started at my feet , I immediately felt like I was surrounded in this lovely, nurturing energy. What Katie shared with me after was all absolutely true, and a helpful take away I can work with. I would highly recommend Katie to be part of your healing journey."


Resources to Support You

Or Get More Support

to align with your intuitive wisdom, for inner peace and joy!

Heart Centred

Parenting Course

If you want to explore Somatic tools at your leisure to empower yourself and your family, this course is for you! With practices drawn from our Registered Children's Yoga Training to support sensitive children.

Holistic Sessions

for Families

Say good bye to overwhelm virtual 1:1 support and resources to become the calm, confident version of you, and empower your family to thrive! Includes the Heart Centred Parenting course & more!

Heart Centred Parenting Course

Nourish Yourself & Empower Your Family to Thrive!

You're the Heart of It

Each parent-child relationship is completely unique, and with so much wonderful (but often conflicting) advice, it can make our parenting journeys even more overwhelming. This is especially true if you or your child is highly sensitive or neurodiverse. But the truth is... YOU matter, and only YOU truly know what your child needs. This means first you need to nourish yourself, in order to truly hear the heart of your child's needs and concerns. This requires prioritizing yourself, and that's exactly what I'll help you do in this enjoyable heart-centred course!

I guide you in a culturally and trauma-sensitive way to explore your vision as a parent, with meditations, audio, video, and a journal. Explore holistic tools to nourish you while releasing patterns no longer serving, so you can honour your intuition and experience greater confidence and peace in empowering your family. We dive into nervous system theory and development, so you can appreciate why behaviours exists and learn tools to create conscious change in an empowered way.

You will explore tools and resources to support your child's wellbeing, many drawn from gloWithin's highly regarded Registered Children's Yoga Teacher Training. Explore age-appropriate practices to support your children aged 1 to 12 years.

Meltdowns, big emotions, and big reactions are normal parts of growing up and for the child that feels a lot... it is a lot! Our lives and world feels chaotic and overwhelming most of the time, and we feel our parents intensely... even if they try their best to hide their emotions. Actually, that creates confusion for us.

This is why parenting tactics don't work for most children, especially the highly sensitive and neurodiverse souls. We see through it all. We feel it all. We need you to speak to our hearts and nourish your nervous system with us. To show us how.

This is more than a course. This is a resource to grow with you and your family, and you have lifetime access! Explore at your own pace, with the option to add on a 1:1 session.

You will:

  • Learn how harness the power of co-regulation & gain an understanding of the power of the family nervous system

  • Explore rational & intuitive practice to connect with your inner wisdom to erase self-doubt & trust yourself

  • Create a sustainable self-care practices for inner-peace, regardless of what life is throwing at you

  • Explore powerful ways to connect with your children, so they feel heard & understood, reducing overwhelm

  • Learn age-appropriate Somatic practices to empower your sensitive children (0-15y) to thrive!

  • Explore videos, audio recordings, journal & private community for parents on the App to support you

  • Gain access to a library of resources to support your family through the various stages of development

  • Receive lifetime* access to this course and any upgrades

  • Have the option to add 1:1 sessions to nourish your nervous system, answer any questions, release patterns + create new healthy ones

    AND GET:

  • BONUS 1: Three gloWithin App courses to support you

  • BONUS 2: Sacred Child e-Book by Jamari White, RSW

You also have the option to add-on our Award Winning Children's Yoga Cards (for residents in North America), to bring more playful parenting tools home to nourish the family nervous system!

Looking for 1:1 Support?

Tune into your wisdom + empower your family to thrive!

Get all the tools above plus so much more.

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Guest Speakers Joining Our Free Lives!

Georgina, RSW + Sleep Coach

MEd, Indigenous Behaviour Consultant BCBA

Leyre, Breathwork Practitioner for Moms

RSW & Creator of Sacred Child Soul-Types

Dr. Natalia, Naturopathic Doctor

Registered Naturopathic Doctor

Georgina, RSW + Sleep Coach

PhD Neuroscience & Doula

Leyre, Breathwork Practitioner for Moms

BCBA & MC(Candidate)

Leyre, Breathwork Practitioner for Moms

Clinical Psychologist, PhD, MACL, BSP

Georgina, RSW + Sleep Coach

RSW & Empowered Sleep Coach

Dr. Natalia, Naturopathic Doctor

Registered Reflexologist

Dr. Natalia, Naturopathic Doctor

MPsy, MA, MSc, RCC

Georgina, RSW + Sleep Coach

RCC, Neurodiverse Families

Leyre, Breathwork Practitioner for Moms

BScN, RN, Loss & Postpartum

Dr. Natalia, Naturopathic Doctor

ERYT, Breathwork for Prenatal & Beyond

1:1 Sessions for Families

You're a busy parent who wants personalized support on your time.

Get the holistic support your family needs to create connected environments to thrive! Many clients say their children's emotions amplify their overwhelm, and sometimes generational patterns they don't like show up. I completely understand this. And when these overwhelming challenges show up and our bandwidth is limited, it's easy to react to the triggers and often from unconscious patterns we learned when we were young - our fight, flight, freeze, and fawn patterns. I support you in creating sustainable, inspiring ways to nourish your nervous system so you can:

1. Help set the tone for your family

2. Release the patterns that show up when you're triggered

3. Create healthy patterns aligned with your parenting approach, and

4. Help you to lead by example from a connected and responsive space, to help your child thrive!

So what do these sessions look like?

Our sessions generally occur over 3 months, with our first session being a meeting with the parent(s) for a 90 minute intake. We explore your concerns, desired outcomes, systems and patterns, and supportive practices to nourish your nervous system, drawing upon your choice of modalities I offer, including; breathwork, bilateral therapies, meditation or mindfulness, Craniosacral & Somatic practices, Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP), and more. Our nervous systems are intricately connected as a family, so I also provide you with access to resources such as SSP to use at home to support nourishing your family nervous system. SSP was developed by Dr. Porges to support children with Autism and has helped children and adults nourish their nervous systems for improved sleep, digestion, focus, recall, overall health, and greater peace & joy!

Week 2 I see each parent individually, allowing us to dive a little deeper into your experience and areas you feel you need support. We will also how your self-care plan went and anything we may need to modify to best suit you.

In weeks 3 and 4 I work with child(ren) and one parent at a time. Children sessions can be split amongst siblings as appropriate. Parents are present for sessions. Children over 8, my focus will be with them primarily. Under 8 my focus will be working with one parent and child at a time. Under 4 years, I will be guiding one parent in play activities with child.

Week 5 I generally like to touch base with parents again - see what has come up for you, what is working, and where you need further support. This may be a deeper session for you, depending on where you are at.

Week 6 I touch base with the child(ren) again, to see what has changed for them, what is working, and where we can further support.

Week 7 I see both parents again individually to again explore your experiences and where you may need further support. This may be related to your personal experiences, and/ or experiences as a parent and through this process.

Week 9 is our final session with both parents together. In this session we explore what has come up individually, together, and as a family. Often this is sufficient for the family unit to have the resources they need to move forward. Some families may choose to touch base in 3 months, continue their SSP subscription, or reach out again when you feel you need more support as life changes and children meet another milestone that may present challenges. I am always here and happy to continue to support you, and you have the courses included for life!

You will also receive:

SSP Home Access: Access to playlists appropriate for each individual

BONUS 1: Courses on the gloWithin App to support your whole family, with practical, fun tools for sustainable self-care. These tools are quick to watch so you can try incorporating them into your day!

BONUS 2: Heart Centred Parenting Course on the gloWithin App!

Learn age-appropriate Somatic practices drawn from our Registered Children's Yoga Training for 1-15 year olds, to empower your children on their journey. We begin by supporting you in creating a strong foundation, that truly honours you and your family. This is one you will want to return to many times on your parenting journey, as it is designed to grow with you.

BONUS 3: Master the Art of Parenting Your Highly Sensitive Child Summit

Learn with so many incredible speakers sharing their expertise on supporting highly sensitive and neurodiverse children!

BONUS 4: Our Award Winning Children's Yoga Cards to support playful, connected parenting and nourishing the family nervous system!

What's included:

These sessions are designed to support the whole family, as we co-regulate together and need to be on the same page to thrive together!

Say good bye to overwhelm with 1:1 support & all the resources you need!

$2799 (valued at $3482)

(or 3 Monthly Payments of $999)

"I am a highly sensitive person and have been using Katie's meditations. I have struggled in the past to find someone to help me with guided meditation and feel that Katie is genuinely heart centred in her work. She is really talented at helping you to reconnect with yourself. Thank you!"


"I came across Katherine at Glowithin and something clicked. I made an appointment and am so grateful I did! She is such a wonderful person, so kind and knowledgeable, not to mention very good at what she does! I am still feeling many positive effects a week later."


"Katie is such a calming and knowledgeable teacher in somatic practices for parents and children. I’m so glad to have found her services and love her resources. I love most how Katie makes you feel less alone in parenting your sensitive child with her empathy for your parenting journey."


Bring calm home today!

You can find our community code of conduct, policies and waiver here.

Questions? Send me a message to arrange a brief chat.

I look forward to working with you!

Your Details
Yes I want this now!

How my learnings can support you & your family?

Life has been my school... and you might have guessed I LOVE learning! I was fortunate to learn many tools and stumble upon Somatics (body-based healing) as a child, which is why I am so passionate about sharing these simple, holistic tools. I have a strong understanding of neurophysiology and use this to help clients create physical, cognitive, emotional and energetic wellbeing. While I have attained the following qualifications, I don't do it all and work with other practitioners to ensure you have the right resources.

  • Bachelor of Business (UBC)

  • Certificate in Adult Learning (U Calgary)

  • Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT)

  • Registered Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT)

  • Expert Yoga Teacher (ERYT 500) - Yin, Nidra, Hatha, Kundalini + and more!

  • Braindance Practitioner

  • Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP)

  • Founder of Yoga Alliance Registered Children's Yoga School (RCYS)

  • Craniosacral Therapy, Infants + Children (Visionary Healing)

  • Craniosacral Therapy Level 4 (Visionary Healing)

  • Certified Safe + Sound Protocol (SSP) Provider

  • PESI Trauma & Memory Course: Somatic Experiencing® Skills

  • NeuroAffective Touch® Provider

  • Masters in Counselling Candidate (Yorkville)

The Choice is Yours!

Are you ready to release old patterns and heal your nervous system?

Are you ready to reclaim the calm, confident version of you?

Can you feel your heart + soul yearning for this?

Questions Some of My Clients Ask Before Joining:

What if I don't know if I'm a mom to a highly sensitive or neurodiverse family?

Join us! All of us need to nourish ourselves for our wellbeing and to support our family. Chances are if you are here, you are a sensitive soul or have a sensitive one in your life. Everyone benefits from this support, and given everyone has some degree of trauma, we all have layers to release that are often deeply unconscious to us - I help you explore and release these, as you are ready. I offer you the tools to tap into your inner wisdom, to become the best version of yourself and to support your children to the best of your ability. I also help you support them with our 1:1 sessions, as we explore their unique gifts and challenges, so you can honour their light making both of your journeys more enjoyable together!

My children are older than 10, can I still join?

Yes! Our community generally supports parents with children under 16 and is enriched by each of you sharing your experiences. The Heart Centred Parenting course is designed to support parents with children 1 to 16 and to grow with you - this is why you have it for life!

Do I have to be in Canada to work with you?

I work with clients all over the world via Zoom... so you can be where ever you like!

I have other questions

Send me an email and I'd be happy to answer, or go here to book a free 15 minute consult:

You can also join us for our Free Live YouTube sessions every Full & New Moon to nourish yourself and learn with me and guest speakers:

Are you ready to create change for yourself,

your family & future generations?

North Vancouver BC