Safe & Sound Protocol

What is Safe & Sound Protocol?

Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) was developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, pioneer of the Polyvagal Theory.

If you have downloaded the gloWithin App, you can learn a bit about Polyvagal (Craniosacral) Theory in the Intro course!

When you join me for one of the SSP sessions below, you will receive the Reset Your Nervous System App course.

Who may benefit from SSP?

  • Those with a history of trauma

  • Those experiencing anxiety & depression

  • Those with emotional regulation difficulties

  • Those with sensory sensitivities or diagnosed neurodiversities, such as; ADHD, Autism, OCD & ODD

  • Those experiencing signs of nervous system fatigue, such as; irritability, anger, sleep concerns, digestion, chronic pain or illness

About Polyvagal Theory

In the Free Intro Course on the gloWithin App, you learn that 9 of our 12 Craniosacral nerves innervate our senses to help us determine whether we are in a safe space and can respond with our parasympathetic system (rest, digest, socialize), or should mobilize and respond sympathetically (fight, flight). This sensory stimuli travels through our Vagus Nerve (10th Craniosacral Nerve) via neurotransmitters to our organs. If we are in a restful state, we can breathe more deeply, digest nutrients fully, be present in our bodies, and access our higher brain functioning.

The Vagus Nerve is a bi-way, bringing information from our organs to our brain, to further influence our state, thus being able to breath deeply can reinforce a calm state. We have several access points to nourish our nervous system; visual stimuli, taste, scent, and sound. Both scent and sound are developed early in utero, and our mothers voice and other sounds offer us cues around safety. Each day we continue to scan our environment subconsciously with our senses, to determine how to respond.

This is of great importance now, particularly as many are residing in a predominantly sympathetic state. This results in poor digestion & sleep, brain fog, forgetfulness, anxiety, depression, and ultimately burnout. Those who have a highly sensitive nervous system (potentially with a neurodiverse diagnosis), typically have a narrower window of tolerance and struggle with all the stimuli in our world today. Those who have experienced trauma or inherited generational trauma, are also on higher alert and have a more sensitive system in order to protect themselves. Additionally highly sensitive and neurodiverse souls can be more prone to anxiety, depression, and burnout. Through our work together, I help you tune into your current state drawing upon Biofeedback to encourage coherence or alignment between body, mind, and spirit.

How Does Safe + Sound Protocol Work?

Originally developed to support children with Autism, SSP has supported children and adults realize a wide range of benefits when our nervous system is operating optimally.

Benefits may include; more restful sleep, improved digestion, greater overall health, improved focus + attention,

better memory recall, improved relationships, and inner peace to name a few!

SSP offers a range of curated frequencies through three pathways, to help you build resilience and nourish your nervous system.

I combine SSP with my Craniosacral and Somatic practices to support you in re-training your nervous system, for improved health, greater peace and joy! I have been offering sound healing practices for my clients for over 12 years now, and SSP enables us to level up!

This protocol enables me to offer it to you in 1:1 sessions in-person or virtually, for children, in a group setting, and offer you access to SSP to enjoy on your own time. Creating a space of safety with you is my first priority, in order to support you in receiving the greatest benefit. Below you will find a few options. Most changes occur over 3 months. You will need over-the-ear headphones (no noise cancelling or bass strengthening, or the ability to turn these features off).

“I can't believe last fall I had to distract E trying to keep the earphones on for only fifteen minutes and now he puts them on for a whole hour a day and can do the playbook and all the sewing cards, puzzles, beading and cutting calmly. He's changed so much!”

susanne b.

"I have seen a complete shift in my son’s ability to control his emotions & avoid meltdowns. He is more receptive to re-direction and better grasps the consequences of his actions. He is more focused and less oppositional/ argumentative. He is still his quirky self, but it is like this therapy has cleared the cobwebs, calmed and centered him more so that he can be more fully himself, as well as more comfortable and confident in his skin."

nick's mother

“The best way I can describe it is as if a fog has lifted from his head. I feel like we are getting to know the “real” Steven now and other people have even noticed he seems happier and just more in the moment. I had no idea of what to expect with this program but so far I am really impressed.”


SSP Caveats:

While SSP is supportive for many, it is not recommended for:

  • Those with active tinnitus or seizures

  • Those with trauma that has not been addressed

  • Those struggling with active substance abuse or self-harm

  • Those with an unmanaged dissociative disorder or experiencing psychosis

  • Those in the midst of major life upheaval or situation that threatens their safety

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