Fascia + Meridians

Do you notice sensations in your body connected to your emotions - when you feel anxious, excited, fearful, excited and peaceful? This is the connection between our emotions and our bodies, or our somato-emotional experience. Our bodies hold patterns deep within us that will come up again and again, until we bring our awareness to them and consciously release. Learn how to process emotions on a somato-emotional level for greater peace, so issues don't get stuck in your tissues!

In this course you will...

  • Learn tools to support healthy movement of your 12 fascial lines
  • Experience greater peace + confidence in your innate wisdom and body
  • Gain awareness for what the meridians represent emotionally to understand your patterns
  • Explore where you may be experiencing holding patterns and how to release physically + emotionally
  • Have the option to upgrade to receive 1:1 support to release patterns

Begin healing for only $97!

In this course you will...

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