You've landed here for a reason.

My life work is dedicated to empowering parents, educators, and children with simple tools to experience greater peace, love, and joy!

It truly takes a village to raise a healthy child and family. I believe in the power of community and lifting each other up. I also believe that as parents, we know what is right for our child and try our best each and every day. For this reason, I will not tell you what to do.
If you like I will guide you to nourish your nervous system and create a sustainable, inspiring self-care rhythm, so you can tap into YOUR Intuitive Widsom, and lead your children by example.

As a society, we have largely been taught to over-ride our intuition, or we simply struggle to connect with it due to the many daily demands. While each of our situations may be unique, I completely understand the delicate balance of Motherhood and how important it is for us to prioritize our self-care.

Why YOUR self-care is so important!

Our children begin co-regulating with us at 6 weeks in utero! As Moms in particular, we play a key role in influencing our children’s nervous system and subconscious patterning during their formative years. As our children move from a predominantly Theta state (highly influential) to Alpha (calm activity), children are learning implicitly through watching and feeling every little thing we do. Yes, this means we need to be on our best behaviour, which can be really hard when we are feeling tapped out. When we are exhausted or have let our self-care slide, we often find ourselves reacting from our subconscious patterning controlled by our limbic brain, and connected to our Sympathetic (or activated) nervous system. This is why we need to put our self-care first... and because if we aren't, what lesson are we teaching our children?

You may have noticed a rise in 'conscious parenting'... please remember this is in no way synonymous with being ‘perfect.’ Like our children, it simply asks that we are present in our bodies, with them, and deepen our self-awareness, to release patterns that are no longer serving. The first step to this is to nourish our nervous systems. Our relationships allow us to grow symbiotically – with our children and partners being some of our most important teachers. We will make mistakes, but what our children remember is how we handle the situations and make them feel. So give yourself a hug! I am here to offer you simple, powerful tools to support you and your little ones on this beautiful journey!

What Katie shared with me after was all absolutely true, and a helpful take away I can work with. I am still feeling shifting happening in my body the day after. I would highly recommend Katie to be part of your healing journey.


Katie creates an atmosphere allowing for anything that comes up to be felt.


Katie delivers an amazing amount of care and healing energy into her practice. I truly feel that my session with Katie helped put me on the path to healing and feeling more like myself. I highly recommend and value Katie’s practice.


How do we do this?

I draw upon my extensive training and knowledge of the nervous system, the body, and trauma sensitive approaches to empower you. I offer intuitive, practical and scientifically-supported tools to help you nourish your nervous system and release generational patterns, for greater inner-peace and to help you connect with your own intuitive wisdom. When we are able to do so, we are able to lead the children in our lives to do the same, be resilient, and thrive!

By definition, resilience is our ability to flow between the parasympathetic (rest, digest, socialize) and sympathetic (activated) states appropriately to respond to our internal and external environments. These external environments include our families, communities, and nature - all of which we co-regulate with. In fact we begin co-regulating with our mothers at 6 weeks in utero!

As you can see by the statistics below, large numbers of children and adults spend more time in a sympathetic state, which has sub-optimal implications on our individual and collective holistic well-being. I believe this is largely a function of society's misplaced values... but as Conscious Parents and Educators, we are changing this!

My Why:

  • Prior to Covid, 1 in 11 youth were prescribed anxiety medication (2019, Mental Health Canada)

  • Since Covid, 41.5% of adults have been diagnosed with anxiety or depression (2021, CDC)

  • Up to 70% of moms have feelings associated with postpartum depression (2021,

  • 1/3 of girls and 1/6 of boys are abused under the age of 18

  • 95% of children know their abuser and 95% of cases go unreported

Our current ways of living are creating strain on families and schools, especially with the last few years, and our children are feeling it. This is especially true for Highly Sensitive Souls, who have incredible gifts to share but struggle within our current ways of being. They are asking us to bring to light what is no longer service and create change. This begins within ourselves first, requiring curiosity and compassion to nurture ourselves, be present in our bodies, and gain deeper self-awareness to lead by example. If you have a Highly Sensitive Child, I'm sure you have already needed to change many of your approaches, or perhaps this is what brought you here. Each child, if we listen, encourages us to find greater alignment.


Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP)

Founder of Yoga Alliance Registered Children's Yoga School (RCYS)

Craniosacral Therapy, Infants + Children (Visionary Healing)

Craniosacral Therapy Level 3 (Visionary Healing)

Expert Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT) - Yin, Nidra, Hatha/Vinyasa, Kundalini, Prenatal, Chair and more!

Registered Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT)

Certificate in Adult Learning (U Calgary)

Bachelor of Business (UBC)

Braindance Instructor

And I'm thrilled to be pursuing my Masters in Counselling!

About Katie

I was given the gift of breathwork and meditation as a child by my Mother, and discovered what I now knows as Somato-Emotional Release (moving emotions through our body). Having these tools enabled me to stay present in my body and work through experiences (and potential-trauma) as they came, so as to not store them in her body. As a result, I have been able to be resilient, and stay aligned with my intuition and gifts – my gloWithin.

Children naturally embody their gloWithin, and as conscious parents we strive to honour this as we guide them on their journey… but are we honouring this in ourselves?

I experienced postpartum anxiety with my eldest due to reasons beyond my control, and a debilitating postpartum depression with my second due to lack of sleep. I am telling you this, because while our situations may be unique, I get it and I don't want you to feel alone.

I am a Highly Sensitive introvert (which also poses interesting challenges in parenting), and am passionate about being active in nature. I love the arts (music, dance, creating), and am a life-long learner.

As a teen I recognized our current way of living was not conducive to thriving families and generations, which inspired me (to finally 12 years later) begin Studio 202, a healing community space for families in North Vancouver, Canada. In 2020 I closed this space and took my offerings online, and it has grown from there with so much support from the community - thank you!

“The way we speak to a child becomes their inner-voice”

~ O'Mara

202-106 West 1st Avenue, North Vancouver BC