Empowering Highly Sensitive

& Neurodiverse Souls

  • Does a lack of support leave you feeling drained and exhausted?

  • Do you feel helpless not knowing how to support your child’s big emotions?

  • Do you feel that guilt when you are triggered by your child, and want to heal your patterns?

You are not alone.


I am here to support the highly sensitive child, individual, and neurodiverse families. Many of the adults I work with, parents or not, are wishing to heal intergenerational patterns so they can be the best version of themselves!

As parents we are devoted to giving our children the best, but with so much on our plates and an overwhelming amount of (often conflicting) information... It's no wonder most parents are at capacity!

The fact that you're here tells me you are committed to creating change for yourself, your family, and future generations. This change begins within each of us, nourishing our nervous system so we can feel safe to go within, to heal the patterns no longer serving, and to lead and connect with our children in ways that truly empower and honour them.

I am here to help you do just this.

While I intentionally did a lot of my healing work before having children and have always had the belief that our children are our teachers, this was only reinforced in becoming a parent. Our children are here to teach us some of our greatest lessons, so if you are feeling triggered, it's bringing something to light. I also know we need support and a nourished nervous system (or some window of capacity) to deal with the triggers in a healthy way and to lead by example.

This is where my work comes in.

With a nearly life-long Somatic practice, I incorporate many modalities to support you in nourishing your nervous system and releasing layers, so you can be resilient and stay connected to our gloWithin - the light we came here to embody. For over 13 years I have been supporting families and individuals, bridging science and intuition. You can learn more about my approach & ways I can support you here.

🌺 Katie

the conscious parent


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My whole body was lighter and grounded and my thoughts were organized. I got peace of mind. That evening I took that big decision from my heart, and since there everything has been flowing. I really appreciate Katie's work.


Katie is so knowledgeable and kind. She is flexible and pushes us gently to help us grow in our practice. Inspiration is defined as a feeling of enthusiasm you get from someone or something, that gives you new and creative ideas... this is what Katie was for me! I am inspired to continue my practice.


Your course was absolutely invaluable to me and I would take it over and over! Having the daily anchoring was essential as I navigated a big transition… Thank you so much! Your leadership is truly inspiring.


What is the Conscious Parenting Movement?

I believe Conscious Parenting requires deep self-awareness, so we can honour the light our children come into this world with.
We serve as our child's guide here on Earth, and through this relationship we both have the opportunity to align with our gloWithin.

It is not about being a perfect parent. It is not about doing all the things.

That creates unrealistic expectations for ourselves and children, which is wears on our family nervous system.

We are human. We learn and grow through mistakes and teach our children how to handle challenges in healthy ways.

Conscious Parenting is about listening - to our children and our inner-wisdom.

Our highly sensitive and neurodiverse children in particular, are asking us to tune in and awaken to a new way of being.

We have all the tools we need, but many of us adults have become disconnected due to demands, expectations, societal rhetoric.

When we are at capacity as many are, we react from our Limbic system (instinctual brain) and subconscious patterning

...unless we have done the work to become conscious of and heal these patterns.

Are you ready to create change for your children and future generations?

Each parent-child relationship is unique and offers us the opportunity to release, heal and re-align with our gloWithin,

so we can truly lead our children by example and honour their gloWithin.

You are a GREAT parent!

The fact that you're here says so, but we all have patterns we would rather not pass along.

We live in a world where we are taught that we are not good enough, know enough, worthy enough... this just scratches the surface.

What if we change the narrative, and begin to connect with and trust our inner-wisdom again?

How peaceful and confident would we feel?

How might that empower your family?

Where do we start?

As Conscious Parents, we hold an incredible opportunity to be and create change for ourselves, our families, and future generations. Our children begin co-regulating with us from 6 weeks in utero, and pick up more on our energy than what we say or do. This is especially true in their formative years and for Highly Sensitive and neurodiverse children. We play a vital role in influencing our children's nervous system and subconscious patterns.

The first step in my Somatic approach, is to nourish our nervous systems so we can:

  • Deepen our self-awareness + reconnect with ourselves

  • Understand our physical, emotional, intellectual + energetic patterns

  • Reclaim lost parts of ourselves, so we can connect with our gloWithin + honour this in our children

Experience Peaceful, Connected Parenting

When she started at my feet, I immediately felt like I was surrounded in this lovely, nurturing energy. What Katie shared with me after was all absolutely true, and a helpful take away I can work with. I would highly recommend Katie to be part of your healing journey.


Glowithin offers a fabulous app for parents and educators! Katie is a seasoned instructor who offers a range of trauma-informed yoga courses and workshops! She is experienced, intuitive and open to a wide range of student & participant perspectives and needs. I highly recommend Katie's courses!


I highly recommend to any parent, educator and more generally anyone who wants to learn how to help and empower all children, including kids with diverse abilities. Katie's incredible knowledge and true love for what she does shine through.


My Philosophy

Parenting Coach


Each of our journeys, parenting philosophies, learning styles, and children are unique. It can take time to find comfort in the body, particularly if trauma has been experienced, and so we take a trauma-sensitive approach, to truly support you on your journey.


Healing requires introspection and taking a curious, compassionate approach. This ability to be kind to ourselves extends outwards. Katie’s role as your guide, is simply to hold space for and to empower you in living your vision!


We are hard-wired for connection! Co-regulating begins with our mother in utero, with the next 7 years shaping the ways in which we perceive and interact with the world around us. Finding deeper connection within ourselves and our communities is essential to our wellbeing, and begins with a resilient nervous system. We are not here to walk this journey alone, and so I collaborate with many other skilled practitioners to better support you!

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