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Nourish yourself and raise thriving, resilient children!

Our community is dedicated to empowering the World of the Child, with Somato-Emotional Coaching tools to nourish their nervous system, connect with their inner-peace and intuitive wisdom, to raise thriving, resilient children.

gloWithin’s mission is to help raise healthy, happy future generations + end systemic abuse

How do we aim to do this?

It's two-fold. We are being asked to raise our children so they can stay connected to their innate power and gifts, and clear unhealthy, systemic patterns. These systemic patterns (abuse) are often passed through generations and disempower us at a young age. It is only when we become conscious of them, that we can begin to release and create healthy new ones. While this may sound simple, many of us are unaware of our subconscious programming as most of it is learned as children. This subconscious programming subtly controls all we do, particularly when we are not nourished are reacting from this space (our reptilian and limbic brain).

Change begins within each of us. To create sustainable change, it’s essential we first nourish our nervous system to become aware of our patterns, to release and consciously change. When we do this, we are able to reclaim aspects of ourselves, our strengths and purpose - our gloWithin. In doing so, we experience greater peace, love, and joy… and can consciously lead our children by example. The stats below are from Little Warriors:

  • 1/3 of girls and 1/6 of boys are abused under the age of 18
  • 95% of children know their abuser
  • 95% of these cases go unreported

Conscious parenting is not about being perfect, but about being aware of our patterns and doing our very best to empower our children to stay aligned with their gloWithin - their gifts, passion, and purpose. We teach them to understand and respect their whole self (body-autonomy), to use their voice wisely, to process emotions in a healthy way, and to connect with their intuitive wisdom. Somato-emotional awareness is about listening to what our bodies are telling us - our physical and subtle bodies (emotional and energetic). When we are able to listen to our bodies, we can empower ourselves and use our voice in a healthy way, so experiences (to include trauma) don't become 'stuck' in our bodies.

Pre-pandemic, 1 in 11 youth were prescribed anxiety medication (2019, Child + Youth Mental Health Canada) and 41.5% of adults diagnosed with an anxiety disorder (2021, CDC). These stats show us how important it is for us to prioritize our self-care and lead our children by example. We have noticed an increasing number of Highly Sensitive Souls, who seem to experience greater levels of anxiety, depression, and are often diagnosed with ADHD, ASD, ODD, OCD. Highly Sensitive Souls are often highly intuitive and empathetic, and have a great awareness for detail. These gifts also mean we are easily over-stimulated, in an already over-stimulating world. While labels may help us access support, it’s important to also empower ourselves with practical, holistic, and nervous system-based tools.

Empowering the world of the child with these tools can help us create sustainable change for healthy, happy, thriving future generations!

Katie, Founder of gloWithin and Somatic Parenting Coach (Guide), was given the gift of breathwork and meditation as a child. Having these tools enabled her to stay present in her body and work through experiences (and trauma) as they came, so as to not store them in her body. As a result, she has been able to be resilient, and stay aligned with her intuition and gifts – her gloWithin.

Children naturally embody their gloWithin, and as conscious parents we strive to honour this as we guide them on their journey… but are we honouring this in ourselves?

As a mom to two little angels, Katie understands the challenges (and overwhelm) of parenting, and how easy it can be to neglect our self-care. She appreciates how essential it is to put our self-care first, from a nervous system perspective, so we can be present and lead our children by example to become healthy, happy, resilient children and adults!

Empower Yourself to Raise Resilient Children

Moms in particular play a key role in influencing our children’s nervous system in utero and the first 7 years. As our children co-regulate with us, these formative years help shape our children’s health, resilience, and how they will perceive and interact with the world around them… for life! During this time as they move from a Theta state (highly influential) to Alpha (calm activity), everything a child learns creates new neural pathway that becomes their truth.

The irony is that these are also often the most challenging years as a parent. It’s important to remember being a conscious parent is not synonymous with being ‘perfect.’ Our purpose is to grow symbiotically in our relationships – with our children and partners being some of our most important teachers. We will make mistakes, but what our children remember is how we handle them and make them feel. So give yourself a hug, and know that we are here to offer you simple, powerful tools to support you and your little ones on your journey!

“The way we speak to a child becomes their inner-voice”

~ O'Mara

Self-care is a personal journey with many ways to approach it – arts, movement, breath etc – and many layers to ourselves to consider. This is why I work with all of our layers (or Koshas) – physical (somato), emotional, social, intellectual, and energetic. On this journey, we develop greater self-awareness, compassion and empathy. We are also able to process and release patterns that are no longer serving us individually or collectively. In doing so we can be more present, more resilient, experience better health, and more fulfilling relationships with ourselves and others. Sharing this gift fosters resilient children, who are connected to their intuition, honour their path, process challenges in a healthy way and can thrive!

The powerful transformation of motherhood requires us to prioritize our self-care, in order to be our best self and to empower thriving, resilient children!

Let's Raise Resilient Children!

Join this free webinar to learn how nourishing your nervous systems can help you empower yourself as a conscious parent, and support you in raising resilient children. We take a look at take a look at the nervous system, explore a few key tools, and encourage you to create a sustainable self-care practice that inspires you!



Each of our journeys, parenting philosophies, learning styles, and children are unique. It can take time to find comfort in the body, particularly if trauma has been experienced, and so we take a trauma-sensitive approach, to truly support you on your journey.


Healing requires introspection and taking a curious, compassionate approach. This ability to be kind to ourselves extends outwards. Katie’s role as your guide, is simply to hold space for and to empower you in living your vision!


We are hard-wired for connection! Co-regulating begins with our mother in utero, with the next 7 years contributing to a resilient child and person. Finding deeper connection within ourselves and our communities is essential to our wellbeing, and begins with a resilient nervous system. We work with aligned practitioners to enrich your journey!

“I never experienced craniosacral therapy before. Katie creates a beautiful and nurturing space. Before the session, I felt really unclear about some big decisions I needed to take, and after the session, something really shifted. My whole body was lighter and grounded and my thoughts were organized. I got peace of mind. That evening I took that big decision from my heart, and since there everything has been flowing. I really appreciate Katie´s work and I loved the oils. I´d love to have another session soon!”


Katie delivers an amazing amount of care and healing energy into her practice. Katie’s calm nature really put me into a place of healing and relaxation. I was dealing with a mild concussion and I truly feel that my session with Katie helped put me on the path to healing and feeling more like myself. I highly recommend and value Katie’s practice.”



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Katie Connolly, Founder

Hi! I'm a mom to two little ladies, a lover of the outdoors, being active, the arts, and I feel very fortunate to have been gifted meditation and breathwork (Pranayama) by my mother as a child. I began exploring yoga forms (Asana) at this time and found ways to release emotions through form and other tools (what I now know as Somato-Emotional Release). These practices have served me through many challenging times, and have enabled me to stay connected to my Inner-light, or gloWithin. I am a life-long learner (pursuing my Masters in Counselling) and am passionate about psychophysiology and sharing these simple, powerful tools with those who empower children to help create healthy, happy generations!

As a teen I recognized our current way of living was not conducive to thriving families and generations, which inspired me to in 2016 begin Studio 202, a healing community space for families in North Vancouver, Canada. In 2020 I closed this space and took my offerings online, and it has grown from there with so much support from the community - thank you!

In case you are curious, my credentials are:

Bachelor of Business (UBC)

Certificate in Adult Learning (U Calgary)

Founder of a Yoga Alliance Registered Children's Yoga School (RCYS)

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP)

Expert Registered Yoga + Children's Yoga Teacher (ERYT + RCYT) - Yin, Nidra, Hatha/Vinyasa, Kundalini, Prenatal, Chair and more!

Craniosacral + Somato-Emotional Release Healer

Braindance Instructor

We look forward to learning and growing with you!

202-106 West 1st Avenue, North Vancouver BC

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