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Our community is dedicated to empowering the World of the Child.
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My whole body was lighter and grounded and my thoughts were organized. I got peace of mind. That evening I took that big decision from my heart, and since there everything has been flowing. I really appreciate Katie's work.


Katie is so knowledgeable and kind. She is flexible and pushes us gently to help us grow in our practice. Inspiration is defined as a feeling of enthusiasm you get from someone or something, that gives you new and creative ideas... this is what Katie was for me! I am inspired to continue my practice.


Your course was absolutely invaluable to me and I would take it over and over! Having the daily anchoring was essential as I navigated a big transition… Thank you so much! Your leadership is truly inspiring.


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Each of our journeys, parenting philosophies, learning styles, and children are unique. It can take time to find comfort in the body, particularly if trauma has been experienced, and so we take a trauma-sensitive approach, to truly support you on your journey.


Healing requires introspection and taking a curious, compassionate approach. This ability to be kind to ourselves extends outwards. Katie’s role as your guide, is simply to hold space for and to empower you in living your vision!


We are hard-wired for connection! Co-regulating begins with our mother in utero, with the next 7 years contributing to a resilient child and person. Finding deeper connection within ourselves and our communities is essential to our wellbeing, and begins with a resilient nervous system. We work with aligned practitioners to enrich your journey!

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