YACEP Trainings

Join us for Yoga Alliance Certified Trainings

Join Katie for progressive, trauma-sensitive Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Trainings & YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education)! Enhance your knowledge of the nervous system and Somatic practices to support yourself and your clients, through a trauma-informed lens.

Having learned breathwork, meditation, and Somatic tools as a child, Katie felt called from a young age to support others in learning holistic tools to nourish themselves. Katie is a seasoned instructor and trainer, speaker and healer bridging science and ancient intuitive practices.

My favourite part was the daily meditations…The course reconnected me to my understanding of the chakra system and also my relationship with kundalini.


It's the best professional development I've done in years.


I loved demonstration of realistic classes and the opportunity to try out what we learned...seeing and doing are essential for getting the feel for the actual practice. I loved demonstration of realistic classes and the opportunity to try out what we learned... seeing and doing are essential for getting the feel for the actual practice.


YACEP - Yoga Alliance Continuing Education

Trauma-Informed YTT

Explore YACEP trainings at your pace, with 1:1 support!

  • Trauma-sensitive courses to empower you & your students

  • Self-paced trainings accessible on the gloWithin App

  • 1:1 support & learning with Katie included

  • Uniquely progressive YACEP trainings

  • Community support on the App

Understand the biology of trauma & how it may present, so you are able to support your clients. With this knowledge we explore best practices to lead trauma sensitive classes, 1:1 sessions & virtual sessions. This is also available for only $97 with the purchase of other YACEP courses.

Explore the Somato-Emotional experience - the connection between our 12 fascial lines and meridians, how our experiences get stuck in our tissues + simple ways to release them for mind-body health and resilience. Drawn from Craniosacral + Somatoemotional Release.

Learn about our Subtle Anatomy, the nervous system, and tools to balance each Chakra from a physical, emotional & energetic perspective! This course will inspire your classes, and you will enjoy a class for each Chakra yourself!

Learn tools and practices to support yourself in this often overwhelming world, while aligning with your highest potential! If you are a parent to a highly sensitive/ ND child, I would recommend the Heart Centred Parenting course (not YACEP), to further support you.

Learn tools to nourish & reset the nervous system, and enjoy Safe & Sound Protocol sessions to support your wellbeing! Many of us yoga teachers are also highly sensitive and need TLC to continue serving our purpose. You are welcome to learn more & register by clicking below. I look forward to working with you!

Learn about your circadian rhythm, the science behind our sleep (and what happens when it’s compromised), and tools to improve your sleep, including; Yoga Nidra (psychic sleep), calming yoga, mediation, sound healing, supporting your Vagus Nerve, routines + more!


How are 1:1 sessions held?

We can hold our session via Zoom or Facebook - you choose! Our focus will be working on your needs for your learning and growth.

How will I receive my course?

When you register you will receive immediate access to your purchased course on gloWithin App in your email.

Do you offer scholarships?

Scholarships are available for the Registered Children's YTT, but not currently for YACEP, however; if you reside & work in BC you may be eligible for a grant. Those who take our courses are welcome to become affiliates to earn and save on further trainings.

What's your refund policy?

No refunds are offered on our YACEP trainings. If you have any questions please email katie@glowithin.ca

North Vancouver BC