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gloWithin offers Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Trainings + YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education) in-studios and virtually on the gloWithin App. Our trainings are unique in that Katie draws upon her nearly life-long experience exploring yoga-based tools (breathwork, meditation, yoga + body-emotion release), combined with her extensive Yoga, Craniosacral + Somatoemtional Release Therapy knowledge.

Katie has been teaching children and adults yoga since 2011, leading trainings since 2018, and has strong experience in leading Kundalini, Prenatal, Hatha, Vinyasa/Flow, Yin, Restorative, Nidra, Chair Yoga, Children's, Prenatal and Postnatal Classes, and has incorporated sound healing since she began. Her favourite classes involve her unique blend to nourish the nervous system - Kundalini, Hatha-Flow, Yin, Restorative + Sound Healing. When Katie had her studio this was the most popular class with many clients asking if they could sleep over after! You are welcome to learn more about your Lead Trainer, Katie, at the bottom of this page.

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Children + Youth YTT

Join us for our progressive and unique, trauma-sensitive Children's Yoga Teacher Training. We incorporate Craniosacral + Somatoemotional Release knowledge (with a strong focus on the nervous system), and tools for highly sensitive children. Parents and educators play a key role in influencing child(ren)'s nervous system baseline, and how they will perceive and interact with the world around them... for life! You do not need your 200h to join - in fact we encourage parents, educators, counsellors and anyone wishing to empower children with life-skills to join!

This training is led in-studio (Level 1) and live-online (Levels 2 + 3). We believe it's a must to offer Level 1 in person, so you get a real experience with little ones joining us, so you can be the best possible teacher! Read more to learn about what makes our training unique!

e Highly Sensitive Soul course on the App! See below for other YACEP trainings including our blended online and in-person Prenatal + Postnatal Training.

YACEP - Yoga Alliance Continuing Education

Join us for inspiring Yoga Alliance Continuing Education training!

  • 1:1 with Katie included

  • All courses YACEP certified

  • Start and finish at your own pace on the gloWithin App

  • Connect + learn with other students in our Facebook group

  • Included Basics of Teaching a Trauma-Sensitive Class (over $300 value, going into the biology of trauma and more!)

Restful Sleep (10h)

Learn about your circadian rhythm, the science behind our sleep (and what happens when it’s compromised), and tools to improve your sleep, including; Yoga Nidra (psychic sleep), calming yoga, mediation, sound healing, supporting your Vagus Nerve, routines + more!

Myofascial Meridians (30h)

Myofascial Meridians explores the connection between our 12 fascial lines and meridians, how our experiences get stuck in our tissues + simple ways to release them for mind-body health and resilience. Drawn from Craniosacral + Somatoemotional Release.

Reset Your Nervous System (20h)

Learn about our Nervous + Craniosacral Systems (Polyvagal Theory), our responses to trauma or 'stuck' experiences, and powerful tools to release them! We also explore how our Nervous System impacts our children (and future generations).

The Highly Sensitive Soul (20h)

Learn tools and practices to support yourself in this often overwhelming world, while aligning with your highest potential! If you are a highly sensitive parent, I would highly recommend this and the Empowered Parenting course (which does count for YACEP hours).

Balance Your Chakras (35h)

Learn about our Subtle Anatomy (Chakras, Nadis, Meridians, Koshas + Kleshas), the nervous system, and tools to support and balance each Chakra from a physical, emotional + energetic perspective for resilience! Enjoy a yoga practice and activities to help you nourish each Chakra for greater resilience and well-being!

Prenatal + Postnatal YTT (35h)

This YACEP training is offered as a blended in-person and online program. The next intake is for February-March 2023 in Vancouver BC. Please go here to learn more about this beautiful offering to empower mother and child, during this time of powerful transformation. The promotion offered below is not available for this training.

"My favourite part was the daily meditations…The course reconnected me to my understanding of the chakra system and also my relationship with kundalini.”


"Katie creates an atmosphere allowing for

anything that comes up to be felt."


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Check your email after submitting for more details. This offer does not apply to our Children's or Prenatal/Postnatal YTT.


How are 1:1 sessions held?

We can hold our session via Zoom or Facebook - you choose! In our session Katie will guide you through clarifying your intentions to align your gloWithin through Craniosacral + Somatoemotional Release. here

How will I receive my course?

When you register you will receive immediate access to the gloWithin Journey and Intro Courses on the gloWithin App via the Web App (where you register). You can then download the gloWithin App on iOS or Android. Katie will reach out to you shortly after to arrange your 1:1!

What's your refund policy?

Once you have begun your course there are no refunds. If you have not yet begun your course and would like a refund, please email katie@glowithin.ca

202-106 West 1st Avenue, North Vancouver BC

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